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"We have 10 years experience in the catering business having been established in the year 2000"



About Us

Lazeez Halal Catering was formally established in the year 2000, and is a family run business. Although we are newly established, our chefs have over 25 years experience in cooking large quantities of food for large events.

We practice an ethos of quality over all other factors. We are proud of every food item we supply, and ensure above all that only the best ingredients are used and traditional cooking methods maintained. Please see our separate webpage on this subject for more information.

Practising this ethos, we have quickly won many customers, and now have a wide range of clients from Mosques to community groups. However, the bulk of our customers are still individuals seeking quality yet reasonably priced caterers for their private events such as weddings.

Lazeez catering has been issued a food hygiene certificate by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, and ensures that it operates following governmental and Islamic food hygiene rules at all times.

Our company is insured by Grace Corporate Insurance Services for both public and employers liability.

The two contacts for Lazeez Halal Caterers are Farouk Alibhai (call 07956 267 574) and Nazir Gajia (call 07957 655 702); please call Farouk in the first instance.

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